Possibility of Peace with Pakistan?

Can Pakistan be trusted? There are two categories of Muslim majority countries. One, those countries whose governments are run on the Islamic principles as laid down in Quran, Hadith etc and are declared Islamic countries, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. Most Muslim majority countries fall in this category. The other consists of those countries, which inspite of being Muslim-majority countries, declare themselves as 'secular', such as Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia etc.

The holy 'Quran' lays down that Muslims can break their vows or agreements any time, provided it is in the interest of Islam. In this context following verse of 'Ouran' is relevant: "Allah has already ordained you for (0 men), the dessolution of your oath (in some cases) and Allah is your protector and is full of knowledge and wisdom." (66:2)

The Islamic government of Pakistan has been violating and breaking all agreements made with India during the last 58 years. When negotiations were going on for the partition of the country", Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, had assured British Govt. and the Congress party that in Pakistan, all citizens will be treated equally and there would be no discrimination a


Under the 'India Independence Act-1947', all Indian Princely States had the option either to declare themselves independent or to merge with either of the two dominions-India or Pakistan. Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir could not take a decision in the regard. He needed some more time to take a decision. Therefore, he sent a proposal to the government of India and Pakistan, for a 'stand-still agreements' with them. In effect it meant that till such time, the Maharaja takes a decision in this regard, the two countries will maintain status quo. Pakistan responded positively and signed the 'stand-still agreement' with the Maharaja.

After the 'stand-still agreement with Pakistan, the Maharaja became sanguine that Pakistan would not attack Kashmir. The Maharaja did not know that as, an Islamic country Pakistan has religious permission of the holy 'Quran'to unilaterally break off the agreement any time and Pakistan did do so. On October 24, 1947 it invaded Kashmir.

After invasion of India in 1965 and 1971 that resulted in humiliating defeat for Pakistan, peace-treaties were signed between India and Pakistan, with latter committing to non-agression against India. Even before the ink of the agreements could dry Pakistan threw the document in the dust-bin and reverted back to anti-India stance. The 'Simla agreement' between Indira Gandhi and Bhutto (the then Prime Minister of Pakistan) was especially in news. Bhutto assured Indira Gandhi at personal level of the bonafides of Pakistan. It was felt that it was the beginning of a fresh chapter in Indo-Pak relations. But no such thing happened. Pakistan refused to honour and abide by the agreement. It had religious sanction to do so.

When BJP government was in power in the centre, Atal Bihari Vajpayee took initative to mend Indo-Pak relations and visited Lahore. In atmosphere of bon-homie and cordiality, there were huggings, promises, assurances aplenty, but all in vain, Even before Vajpayee could return back to India, Pakistan invaded India. It was to happen. Pakistan had divine right to dissolve its oath given by holy Quran.

When prophet Mohammed took shelter in Medina after escaping from Mecca', in 622 A.D. he entered into an agreement for mutual support and defence with three Jewish tribes Banu Quaynuqa, Banu Al Nadir and Banu Qureza. At that time, the Muslims were refugees and powerless; therefore they had to accept all the conditions imposed by the Jewish tribes. Later, when Muslims became powerful, they did not take any time for abrogating the treaty made with them, while killing, converting and expelling them, The Quran enjoins, upon every Muslim to follow and imitate the deeds of the prophet: "You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the praise of Allah." (Quran 33:21)

Allah's prophet had himself broken the agreements. Following his role model, it became the religious duty of Mohd. Ali Jinnah, Ayub Khan, Zulfi Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif to break the treaties made with India.

Today Indo-Pak relations are being reinvented. The reasons are the American pressure, American guns and the American dollars. Miyan Parvez Musharaf is a picture of humility. His utterances are honey sweet and mUSIC to Indian ears. Once again, he IS trying to befool Indian leaders.

Can a country, which calls itself an Islamic State, be trusted? Would Musharraf while following the role model of the prophet not go back on the promises being made to India, the way the prophet had snapped the treaty made with Jewish tribes in Medina? What could be the age of any agreement made with Pakistan? Indians should know it.

There could be nothing better then Indo-Pak concord. The peoples of India and Pakistan are biologically one people. The walls separating the two an collapse one day, the way Berlin wall disappeared, but this is possible only when there is a 'secular Pakistan' and not an 'Islamic Pakistan' .

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