Oh! America




"In the seventh decade of the last century, hippie cults were ascending. To look like hippies was becoming a status symbol and synonymous with ultra-modernism amongst the girls and boys of Delhi's middle class. In those days, on a street of a high end market of Delhi, I saw an Indian girl wearing short shorts and a revealing top. That Indian girl, wearing all sorts of maalaas (rosary beads) around her waist and having disheveled hair, was staring at an American girl, who was amply covered, from top to bottom, in a sari and probably had sandalwood paste on her forehead. That American girl was also staring at the Indian hippie girl, as if time had stood still. This confrontation of East and West was unprecedented. The theatricality of this scene provoked my creativity, the result of which is this play, Oh, America." (translated from the Preface of the Hindi play "Oh, America")





Published by

Vani Prakashan, 21-A, Darayaganj, New Delhi 110002, vaniprakashan.com  



D.P. Sinha, Somesh Ranjan, Pravin Bharti  


Play Oh! America in Indira Gandhi Art Centre Auditorium, Noida                                                       (22-01-2017)