Mere Bhai Mere Dost



The play confronts the problem of Hindu-Muslim unity and Indo-Pak conflict that have dominated the sociopolitical scene in the Indian subcontinent for over a hundred years now. 


Dr. Mirza is a nationalist Muslim, at whose Lucknow house a Pakistani youth named Yaasin comes to reside, ostensibly to do research at the University. Yaasin is a Pakistani spy who has been indoctrinated to believe that, in India, Muslims are persecuted and killed. But, in India, he finds, quite opposite of what he was made to believe. He finds Muslims in India happy, flourishing and occupying the highest governmental positions. His commitment to the terrorist ideology is further shaken when he learns that his father was a martyr who had laid down his life for the independence of the country under Mahatma Gandhi. The dilemma that Yaasin faced has been penned into the play, Mere Bhai Mere Dost.




"Urdu play imprsses...Impressed with its finely honed Urdu dialogue, good acting and imaginative treatment of the cancer that is communalism." - Hindustan Times


"Moving plea for communal amity...the play has an interesting narrative. D.P. Sinha tackles the vital issue of communalism with conviction." - Indian Express


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Vani Prakashan, 21-A, Darayaganj, New Delhi 110002,  



D.P. Sinha, Somesh Ranjan, Pravin Bharti