Itihaas-Chakra is an experimental play, both at the structural and thematic levels. It defies the concept of unity of time, place, and action, which are regarded as essential to a play. The characters of the play are symbolic of the various classes of society, such as Raja (Head of the State), Kuber (a Capitalist), Mohini (Temptress), Patrakaar (Intellectual), Babu (Middle Class Man), Patni (Housewife), and Anami (the Nameless Common Man). The play is not divided into scenes or acts. There is a narrator who links the actions and interactions between the characters of the play.


When there is a war, it is an opportunity for the Raja to consolidate his power, for Kuber to further his business ventures, for Patrakaar to sensationalize the news and widen the circulation of his newspaper, and for Babu to thrive in the booming economy. While these classes prosper, it is the common man who suffers. The play underscores the fact that wars, throughout history, have been waged to serve the interest of the ruling elite, at the cost of the common man. The play has an anti-war message of peace.It hasen highly aclaimed and has been widely performed.


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Vani Prakashan, 21-A, Darayaganj, New Delhi 110002,  



D.P. Sinha, Somesh Ranjan, Pravin Bharti