Apne Apne Daon



This is a situational comedy that entertains the audience and makes them roar with laughter. It is for this reason that the play has been staged by hundreds of theater groups all over the country and also in some foreign countries during the last 50 years. 


The play is based on a folk story, wherein there is an old, widowed Bua ji (father's sister) who possesses a mysterious box. No one knows what she has in her box, but everyone in the host family is under the impression that there are golden biscuits in it. Rivalry ensues amongst all the members of the host family to gain the old lady's favor to inherit her treasures. Plans are made to foil the plans of others; conspiracies are hatched; intrigues are resorted to; near and dear ones are let down; emotional flareups heat up the scene; all leading up to the hilarious situations and an enjoyable evening.   





Published by

Vani Prakashan, 21-A, Darayaganj, New Delhi 110002, vaniprakashan.com  



D.P. Sinha, Somesh Ranjan, Pravin Bharti